Benjamin Tardif

             Benjamin Tardif begins his filmmaker career directing a 26 minutes documentary called "Champions du monde électronique" about the training of a young gamer for the World Gaming. He imagined this project because he wanted to show what is the heart of  relationships in a web network. He travelled in Europe with his video camera to collect accounts and gradually the common expression “to surf the Web” is drawn. If surfing the Web was a new social experience, discoveries, meetings, and sharings?



As this project was very new, he carried on it working for 2 years. He gathered more than 30 accounts from web users between 8 to 55 years old  to edit the film from over 60 hours of interviews footage. All core subjects are present in this documentary. With Generations Digitales, Benjamin Tardif put emphasis on a feeling lived by almost everyone loving internet’s and new technology but without reaching to communicate it. Internet seems a very hardly shareable passion.